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Unlock peace of mind and safeguard your home with our professional dryer vent cleaning in Utah. Our expert technicians at So Fresh, So Clean are dedicated to reducing the risk of dryer fires. According to the National Fire Incident Reporting System, 31% of reported dryer fires from 2018-2020 were caused by failure to clean the vents. Don’t let neglect jeopardize your safety. Experience improved efficiency, energy savings, and enhanced safety by choosing us for a thorough and competent dryer vent cleaning. Your family’s well-being is our priority, so breathe easy with a cleaner, safer home.

What To Expect for Your Dryer Vent Cleaning

Simplicity isn’t just a part of our motto. It’s our promise to our customers.

We provide a simple, transparent pricing model. There are no surprises and no add-ons. Unlike big box commercial cleaning companies, we understand the value of protecting your home and view the service we provide as a total package deal. We won’t charge per vent like many companies you may encounter. Instead, we pride ourselves on honest pricing, taking into account the square footage of your home rather than nickel and diming over small details.

Our first assessment solves the burning question many homeowners have; how much does duct cleaning cost? Can I trust the estimate on my dryer cleaning assessment, or will I find extra charges on my final invoice? When it comes to duct cleaning and dryer vent maintenance, you can rely on our team from the first consultation to the finished product. All of your questions will be answered in the initial consultation. There’s no waiting for a final quote. We provide solid estimates at the time of assessment.

Our customers always know the exact cost of services, so they can plan and budget accordingly. As homeowners ourselves, we understand the importance of tracking your finances. That’s why we guarantee satisfaction from start to finish for every project we undertake. Whether we’re cleaning out a bit of lint or tackling your entire dryer duct cleaning, you’ll always be in the know on the bottom line.

Once we’ve performed your dryer vent cleaning service, you’ll see (and feel) the results right away. We’re happy to show you before and after pictures of the work performed. Our team is available for any follow-up questions as well. Schedule with confidence, so you can start enjoying a healthier home.

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Our technicians have years of experience in the cleaning industry. We promise you’ll never even know we were there! There’s no mess and no cleanup. Just simple, efficient service when you need it.

If you want to find affordable air duct cleaning near you, look no farther than So Fresh. So Clean. Contact us today for a quote.

See What Our Clients Have To Say

Eric really went above and beyond to get our dryer vent cleaned out. We wasn’t sure where the vent was and when he found it it was too high to reach from the ladder. He noticed we had an attic entrance and climbed up in there and found the problem and went to work and cleared it out. Positive attitude and made sure he thought of all options to get the problem fixed, climbing in the attic was the last option since we didn’t have a ladder tall enough. Definitely will call them again.

Rickson H.

Rickson H.

We have been wanting to get this done and decided to jump on the special they were offering! Matt was awesome to work with. I'm a mom with little children and I felt comfortable with him in our home. Fast and professional service. Will definitely recommend to friends and family!

Michelle H.

Michelle H.

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