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When the unexpected strikes, you can rely on the flood damage restoration specialists at So Fresh, So Clean. We know a natural disaster is the last thing homeowners and business owners in Utah County want to think about. Unfortunately, living among the beautiful nature we call home means having a solid disaster recovery plan. The aftermath of a flood can result in tons of damage to the structural components of your home, as well as your appliances and fixtures. The panic and stress of searching for “flood cleanup near me” can feel overwhelming.

We like to keep it simple with transparent, upfront flood restoration pricing and friendly, excellent service. We know flood damage restoration can be a stressful undertaking. Let our team handle the heavy lifting. We’ll have your home restored in no time and protect your valuable assets from further damage.

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Fantastic service for air vent cleaning! They were very responsive, on time, and quick! Best of all, they're far cheaper than the competition! I can't believe what some of these air duct cleaning companies want to charge you! I'd recommend them to anyone!

Broderick K.

Broderick K.

Just had our vents cleaned today, and boy did they need it. Colton was so great and patient with my son asking 7 million questions along the way. 😂 Thanks again! I feel ready for winter! I was also really impressed with their pricing. After I got their initial quote I still called around to compare. Wow! They really are the best priced. I couldn’t believe what other companies are charging. Thank you for making this affordable.

Lindsey A.

Lindsey A.

Water Damage vs. The Best Cleaning Crew in Utah County

Water damage is often the number one fear of homeowners. Many of us have heard horror stories about how dramatically a flood can alter your fixtures, floors, and appliances. Rest assured, our team is specially trained in tackling water damage. Don’t put off acting on flood restoration. The longer you wait to get your home serviced, the more prone your residence is to mold and additional damage. Our skilled experts can be out within the week to evaluate the extent of the damage and get to work on repairs.

If your property isn’t restored to its pre-flood state by the time we leave, we guarantee we’ll clean up any lingering issues until you’re fully satisfied. Every home should have an emergency plan, and we’re honored to be yours.

How Soon After a Water Damage Event Should I Book Flood Restoration Services?

Scheduling a restoration professional to come out and assess or mitigate flood damage is one of the first steps to take as a homeowner. Our calendars are always open for emergency consultations.

Flood Damage Restoration Cost

We understand the cost of a natural disaster is already a high price to pay. That’s why we thrive on keeping our pricing as simple as possible. Flood restoration cleanup is treated the same as our other service offerings. We don’t believe you should have to shoulder additional charges just for being the victim of some rough weather. Our invoice is our bottom line. We won’t charge you beyond our initial estimate.

In addition, our technicians are happy to answer any questions you might have along the way. We understand wanting to maximize value in the wake of a disaster. We’ll take you through all the work we hope to complete and consult with you to find the best value adds for your home to prevent future damage. Our team is always ready to advise.

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